PUBG Mobile KR

Hackers vs Hammers are still an ongoing battle with no evident winner on either side. PUBG Mobile, the world’s most famous battle royale mobile game is no foreign to the cheating problems. PUBG Mobile has revealed that it banned 1.6 million accounts from March 28th to April 1st for hacking.

The cheating varied from x-ray visions to auto-aims, which are most commonly known as wall hacks and aimbots.

The data further suggests, 35% of the banned hackers were ranked Bronze whereas, 1% were conquerors which is significant. The cheating problem is evident in battle royale and multiple players games across platforms with PC gaming ecosystem already riddled with the problems.

CSGO & Valorant, the two most famous FPS competitive titles, each day ban thousands of hackers, and tens of thousands remain undetected, ruining the experience for the fair lobbers.

The next time you question if your reporting is worth it, contemplate the fact that PUBG Mobile banned 1,691,949 accounts in five days.