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How to get Munitions Box Operator in COD Mobile Season 11

Activision has pushed a new update for Call of Duty: Mobile and a new battle pass will be introduced to the game in the new season. The developers have added new content and the Munitions Box Operator skill is one of those new items. Take a look at how you can unlock and use it.

The COD Mobile Season 11 will bring the festive season to the game with holiday themed events and items. The new season is called as “Final Snow” and new  features like Icebreaker Multiplayer map, the PKM LMG and D13 Sector Launcher, the Munitions Box Operator Skill and Undead Siege — Nightmare mode are added to the game.

Amongst these, the Munitions Box is an addition to the operator skill armory. This item brings a ton of resupply options for the players as using a Munitions Box will grant magazine and equipment refills for the entire team.

A player can choose to put Munitions Box in their loadout tab and can enjoy huge ammunition and tactical equipment resupply in the matches. This operator skill can be enjoyed by the entire team.

How to get Munitions Box in COD Mobile?

It is very easy to get Munitions Box in COD Mobile as players can simply head to the battle pass tab and get it after reaching the 13th level landmark. To do so, simply keep playing the game and also complete certain in-game missions and seasonal events. These can grant you with enough Battle Pass XP to unlock the Munitions Box very easily.


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