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COD Mobile Season 11: Everything you need to know

Call of Duty: Mobile is releasing its new season very soon and the battlefields will be snow-laden with the holiday season right around the corner. The new season is called as “Final Snow” and here are some details that you need to know before the season begins.

The new update is bringing interesting features like Icebreaker Multiplayer map, the PKM LMG and D13 Sector Launcher, the Munitions Box Operator Skill, Undead Siege — Nightmare mode and other holiday themed modes. Similar to each season, the battle pass will be updated in the next season and all the rewards will be wintery.

New Maps

Activision is adding a new map to the MP mode called Icebreaker and is bringing back the old fan favorites, Holiday Raid and Nuketown Russia. All of these maps will give players a hint of winter with upcoming holiday celebration vibes.

A glimpse of Icebreaker map

New Modes

The developers are also adding two new modes to the game. The first one will be added to multiplayer mode and is called “Snow Scuffle”. This mode is similar to Kill Confirmed but players need to collect snowballs instead of dog tags. Players can use them to get upgraded items and also become a temporary snowman in the process.

Details of the new Snow Scuffle Mode

A new zombie mode will be coming to the game and it is called Nightmare mode. In this, players will face harder enemies with new Legendary tier turrets and cranked zombies in the late game.

New Events

Many new seasonal and holiday themed events will be added to the game. Players can points by playing BR mode and ultimately locking a passcode to a secret location in BR maps. They can then drop to such locations and keep fighting to unlock certain rewards.

Players will also be getting huge discounts in the in-game shops to celebrate the season. These will continue for the next 12 days. The seasonal events will be added to release the new content such as Special Ops 4 – Firefrost Operator Skin, a new Launcher called D13 Sector, Weapon Blueprints and more.

COD Mobile Season 11 Release Date

The COD Mobile Season 11 will be releasing on 16th December at 4PM PT or 5:30 AM IST. Make sure to update the game as soon as possible to enjoy the new festive features in COD Mobile.

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