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How to get Free Fire Advance Server access in 2022

Garena is starting the early testing of their next seasonal update of Free Fire on the beta version of this game. The beta version is known as Free Fire Advanced Server and players require a code to access that server. Here are simple steps that can help you to get the activation code for Free Fire OB35 Advance Server.

Free Fire Advance Server is a different game than the normal server. In this game, players can access the latest features before they are released on global client. These features are usually tested in advance server and players get a hint on what they can expect in the next update.

Free Fire is currently preparing to step into its next season and this update will be known as OB35 patch. There is still some time before the game actually launches the update and the developers are following a trend which is similar to last seasonal updates.

Garena is allowing players to enroll for the advance server testing slots. Players who are lucky enough will get approved by Garena and then, they can access Free Fire OB35 Advance Server. You can follow the steps given below to get an activation code.

  • Click here to visit Free Fire Advance Server website.
  • Login via Facebook to successfully apply for the testing process.
  • Download Free Fire OB35 Advance Server from the website.
  • Open Free Fire and check your in-game mailbox. If you are approved for the testing process then you will receive an activation code.
  • Copy that code and paste in Free Fire Advance Server.

After completing this process, you can easily access Free Fire Advance Server. If you did not receive a code in Free Fire, you are probably not selected for the process and hence, you might not be able to access the game. The advance server is live till 14th July so hurry up if you want to take part in this phase of testing.

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