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How to download Free Fire MAX Advance Server APK in 2022?

Free Fire Max is the advanced version of the game Free Fire that has been running in the market for the past year. This game has levelled up the Free Fire experience for everybody and players that were taking part in Free Fire Advance Server testing can do so with Free Fire Max as well. Read to know how to download Free Fire MAX Advance Server APK.

An Advance Server in Free Fire Max is essentially the beta server where the developers test out new functions before deploying it on the main server. This practice helps them to find out any bugs and rectify them before making the new update global.

A selected few can access the Free Fire Advance Server and one requires a registration code to do so. If you have the registration code, simply follow the steps given below to download the game.


  • Click here to visit Free Fire Advance Server website and login using your Facebook ID. Make sure your Free Fire account is connected to your socials before registering.
  • Enter your email ID and phone number on the next page.
  • If your registration is successful, you will get an activation code alongside the download link for advance server.
  • Simply download the game and enter the activation code to access Free Fire Advance Server.

The process of getting an activation code is tedious as the slots are very less and the chances are low at the same time. If you want to make a successful registration, make sure to fill the forms as soon as they are available and repeat the process each season until you gain the access.

This is everything you need to know about the advanced servers of Free Fire. Make sure to utilize this information and register correctly to get enrolled in the beta testing and access advance servers in the current or upcoming updates.

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