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How to get Free COD Points (CP) in COD Mobile Easily

COD Mobile is a portable version and mixture of many Call of Duty titles on the mobile platform. This game was well received by the community since the very start and has so many upgradable options which require COD Points.

COD Points or CP is the in-game currency in COD Mobile through which players can buy skins or battle pass and other things the game has to offer.

Although it require real money to buy such things, there are few methods through which players can get ample amount of CP for free. These methods are as follows:


The most trusted way to actually earn some free diamonds is by filling the surveys on Google Opinion Rewards. What this app basically does is allots various surveys to the users on several occasions and pays you when you fill it. The surveys available depend upon many variables and hence earning money from this method may take some time.

The money that is earned through a survey can be used to recharge in-game in Google Play Store. So when you have enough money to buy some CP, go ahead and purchase them with the money you have collected by filling out surveys.


GPT apps are basically the apps that pay you in points. There are several tasks to be completed and once it is done, the app rewards you with some points. Although all the apps have their own payment and reward system, the core remains the same. Once you gather enough points, you can exchange them to get Google Play Vouchers, Steam Codes, and other such things. GPT apps are mostly third-party apps or sometimes even available on App Stores.

One example of such apps is Poll Pay and Easy Rewards that are available on Google Play Store. Users can use such apps to redeem the rewards after completing several tasks present and then use them to redeem gift codes. Once you get gift codes, purchase CP from COD Mobile using them.

This is another simple method using which, you can earn a few COD Points for free. The apps mentioned are not tested by TalkEsport and readers are advised to check the policies of the third-party apps before opting for any survey or tasks that may expose their private data.

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