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House of Esports to host Free Fire Reborn

House of Esports is collaborating with Immortals India to a new Free Fire tournament called Free Fire Reborn. This tournament will be a blend of different tiers of competition with multiple teams qualifying via open-for-all registrations and they will clash with invited veteran rosters to win the bragging rights and win ₹50,000.

Free Fire Esports has grown exponentially in India and one of the factors is due to high participation and viewership. This mobile battle royale game enjoys millions of daily active players from the Indian region itself and players are equally excited about its esports ecosystem.

Garena has its own setup of official tournaments but third-party events such as Free Fire Reborn helps players with their preparation and to gain some fame in the community.

Free Fire Reborn will have two qualifiers: Registration and Invited. Players can qualify via Registration Qualifiers and play four rounds of knockout stages. The details are as follows:

  • Registered Teams to Play Round 1
  • Round 1 knockout(Best of 1)
  • Round 2 knockout(Best of 1)
  • Round 3 knockout (Best of 3)
  • Round 4 knockout (Best of 6)
  • Top 6 Teams from Round 4 to Qualify for Event Finale

The second qualifier is for invited teams where twelve professional teams are invited. They will play a best of six matches and the top six teams will qualify for the final event.

A total of twelve teams will face off in the Free Fire Reborn Grand Finals and play a series in best of six formats. The top three teams will win a monetary prize and bragging rights.

Jitesh Kharat, CEO & Co-Founder of Immortals India Gaming Enterprise, talked about this event. He said, “Free Fire – Reborn, is one of our unique tournaments, which allows amateur players to compete with the professionals, the exposure is immense for the budding players while the professionals get another chance to prove their grit in the community.”

Players can head to the official website of House of Esports to register for this event.


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