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Free Fire MAC10 x AUG Ring Event Leaked: Everything You Need to Know

Free Fire fans are in for a treat as the leaks of an upcoming event – the MAC10 x AUG Ring event has surfaced the internet. From exclusive gun skins to grand prizes like the Golden Iridescence MAC10 and the Mars Landcrusher AUG, this event will take Free Fire to new heights of excitement and engagement. 

Free Fire MAC10 x AUG Ring Event Details

The Free Fire community is ablaze with speculation, fueled by leaked videos and posters showcasing the exclusive rewards that await players in the MAC10 x AUG Ring event. Among the treasures that lie in wait, the Golden Iridescence MAC10 and the Mars Landcrusher AUG are the crowning jewels. These coveted prizes are set to captivate players, raising the excitement for this forthcoming event.

The MAC10 x AUG Ring Event is all set to kick off on 29th August and culminate on 11th September. Furthermore, leaked information from various Free Fire sources has provided eager fans with an insider’s look at what the event interface holds. The prize pool will feature four alluring gun skins, tempting players spin for a chance to own these rewards.

The path to the Free Fire MAC10 x AUG Ring Event rewards isn’t free. Players will need to invest their hard-earned diamonds to access the exclusive items. A single spin will cost 20 diamonds. However, players those seeking even greater chances can opt for 11-spin bundle, which costs 200 diamonds. Additionally, the leaked details suggest that Universal Ring Tokens, from the previous event, might not be usable in this event.

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