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Free Fire MAX Ink Hyperbook Top-Up Event: Everything You Need to Know

Garena has introduced the all-new Ink Hyperbook Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX, replacing the previous TWIST Top-Up event. This event not only ushers in a wave of fresh content but also offers players a chance to acquire remarkable in-game items. The event has already started on 25th August and will conclude on 1st October.

How to Access Free Fire MAX Ink Hyperbook Top-Up Event

To take advantage of the Ink Hyperbook Top-Up event, players need to purchase Diamonds, the in-game currency. The event offers a tiered structure of rewards, with each tier requiring a specified number of Diamonds to unlock. The tiers are seamlessly interconnected, culminating in the grand prize – the Ink Hyperbook along with a collection of its tokens. It is important to note that while some rewards are accessible through this progression, more Diamond might be necessary for players aiming to unlock all the contents of the Ink Hyperbook.

  • 100 Diamonds:Access to the Ink Hyperbook.
  • 300 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 500 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 700 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 900 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 1200 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 1500 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens
  • 2000 Diamonds: 20x Ink Hyperbook Tokens

Step-wise Guide to Obtaining the Ink Hyperbook

Following are the steps players need to follow to acquire the Ink Hyperbook.

  1. Purchase Diamonds: Start by acquiring a minimum of 100 Diamonds.
  2. Access Rampage: Finale: Upon completing the Diamond transaction, proceed to the Rampage: Finale tab.
  3. Claim Your Rewards: Within the tab, locate the Ink Hyperbook Top-Up section. Initiate the claim process claim the promised rewards.
  4. Visit the Lab: The Ink Hyperbook can be explored through the lab section within the game.

The Ink Hyperbook Treasures

The Free Fire MAX Ink Hyperbook Top-up event isn’t just a simple collection of rewards; it’s a trove of exciting items that players can unveil as they progress. Following are the rewards it offers with each turn of its pages:

  • Page 1: Inkwell Backpack
  • Page 2: Grenade Ink Splash
  • Page 3: Ink Sword Skyboard
  • Page 4: Gloo Wall Ink Screen
  • Page 5: Ink Scythe
  • Page 6: PARAFAL Ink Puncture
  • Page 7: Flying Ink Sword
  • Secret Page: Katana Ink Stain

To fully relish the Free Fire MAX Ink Hyperbook rewards, players need Ink Hyperbook Tokens. Different rewards pages require varying numbers of tokens, ranging from 25 to 230 tokens. To access the entire array of rewards, players will need a total of 610 tokens. As each token is priced at ten Diamonds, players can calculate a maximum expenditure of 6100 Diamonds. However, players can also maximize their rewards by seizing opportunities such as reaching top-up thresholds and opening crates containing tokens.

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