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Free Fire Max: Top 5 tips to improve your gameplay

Free Fire Max is a very well known battle royale game and is an advanced version of Garena’s flagship product Free Fire. This game contains a lot of in-game mechanisms that need to be polished over time if you need to win matches. Here are our top five tips that will make you better at the game.

Top 5 Free Fire Tips:

1. Choose the correct character

Free Fire Max has a ton of characters to choose from and it all depends on your play style as well as team composition. You only have two characters when you start playing the game but remember that you need to participate in events and unlock characters to be fully able to unlock your in-game potential. Characters like Dj Alok, Hayato and others can make you even better at the game.

2. Fire when aim turns red

This is a micro aspect of the game that is often neglected by players. You might have observed that your crosshair turns red for a brief time when you set it on your enemies. This is a way of the game telling you that your aim is correct and it is time to shoot. If you shoot when the aim is red, the shots are meant to hit the target.

3. Choose the correct weaponry

Free Fire Max has the same range of equipment that was initially seen in Free Fire. This means that players who are experienced at the game often take an advantage by picking the right guns. You need to make sure that you have at least one assault rifle along side a different gun as per the situation. This means that your sidearm can either be a sniper if you’re playing a long range character or another assault rifle/ shotgun if you are playing close quarters.

4. Use the gloo wall more often

Gloo wall is an excellent piece of equipment that often goes under utilized in the game. It is essentially a shield to take cover and heal or set up your attacks while the enemies are shooting. You need to make sure that you have it ready whenever necessary and use gloo wall only if the enemies are overwhelming you. Using it just to get closer to your enemies could be an option but it is not recommended.

5. Practice aim and movement

As per the saying, practice makes you perfect, you need to practice more and more in training grounds to improve your aim placement and movement. Things like jiggle fire, aiming while running and jumping crouch combinations are what will give you an advantage while playing the game. You cannot expect to win a fight while staying idle and shooting.

Use these tips and practice more often to improve overtime. Remember that small things like character changes can help you instantly but making your aim better is a prolonged process and will require a good amount of time.

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