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Mohit Israney Talks About The Global Esports Valorant Team, Content Creation, and South Asia Arise Music Video

On 5th June, We crowned Global Esports as the winners of the Skyesports Champions Series. We had a fantastic opportunity to speak with Mohit Israney, MD & Founder of Global Esports, during the event. Mohit expressed his gratitude to the fans and was thrilled about the growing Valorant Scene.

As we all know, Global Esports has been a significant organization for the longest time and has been one of the first organization from India to have a Valorant lineup and has been unchanged since 2020.

The team has been a representative of South Asia three times now, representing India at LCQ APAC, Stage 1 VCT APAC challengers, and now Stage 2 VCT APAC Challengers. Talking about it, Mohit mentions the main reason the team does well is their tenacity and will to win and how they stick together despite the setbacks.

Mohit also commented on how the Global Esports boys are always able to reset themselves whenever it seems that they are losing the momentum or have lost a game, and they always fight till the end. And whenever it seems that their era is coming to an end, they come back saying, “GE FIGHTING.”

Eraser joined the team as a head coach in April, but he was part of the organization for a long time. Along with Eraser, Taeri was the reason behind Global’s success in Fortnite. With Malav Popat, they would be working in Valorant and helping the team win.

As all know, Mohit Israney directed the South Asia Arise and shared how the players wore their acting suits, going as far as considering method acting for some scenes so that they do justice to the role they have taken up. He thanked the players and the staff for one of the most amazing experiences.

India has been growing in content creation, with multiple esports organizations dabbling in content creation. Mohit, coming from a content creation background, says that content would bring exposure to esports, and we should try getting as much content as possible out so that people know about esports and the Indian Gaming Community as soon as possible.

Lastly, Mohit, Thanked all the fans for their support. And they would do everything for the community, and eventually, with the help of fans, they would reach new heights.

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