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COD Mobile Season 4 Test Server Download link

Activision recently posted a community update on the official subreddit for their title Call of Duty: Mobile. The developers frequently release brief posts about their game and address in-game issues; if any; and release information about the upcoming new features in the game. The public test build is also released in some community updates and COD Mobile Season Four is launched.

A public test build is similar to a beta application where new features are first tested before releasing them on the global servers. A specific number of testers can access this version of the game and try out the new items, maps, and other new additions.


COD Mobile will be getting its seasonal update very soon and those new features are added to the public test build for now. Players can download the game for different platforms from the links given below.

For Android:

For iOS:

  • Download Test Flight and then download the game by clicking here.

A total of 30 to 40 thousand applicants can apply in this round of testing and each platform has a 10,000 registration limit. This test build will run approximately for the next two weeks but the official ending date is not stated. Players can mainly expect the following changes while playing this version.

  • Clan Wars
  • Weapon balance changes (NA-45 nerf, AS Val buff, multiple operator skills nerfed in BR)
  • New MP Map – Dome

One can register to the COD Mobile Season four public test build through a guest login as the entire data is erased at the end and players need to register again in the next update. Make sure to download the game and log in as soon as you can as the slots are very limited.

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