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Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile – Season 11


Call of Duty: Mobile is a multiplayer focused first person shooter game. The game has its own battle royale mode but nothing matches the authentic COD experience offered through the multiplayer modes. The game is fairly competitive and as one rises through the ranks and the skill level matters a lot alongside the game knowledge.

While you have to develop your own skills, we can help you in terms of the game knowledge. Refer to this list of top five assault rifles to take into your matches in COD Mobile.

Guns play a very vital role in the functioning of COD Mobile. Having the right weapon at the right time is extremely necessary for the players and those who carry around same guns for each and every combat face a huge disadvantage in certain situations.

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For the maps like Nuketown and Raid, it is essential for you to have at least one burst damage loadout like SMG and Shotguns and for maps like Firing Range, the snipers and assault rifles are more preferred in COD Mobile.

No matter what mode you play, it is very important to carry around a minimum of two assault rifles in your loadouts to have better chance at winning. For you to gain that advantage, we will discuss the best five assault rifles you can carry to have an even match for every situation.

Top Five Assault Rifles for every situation in COD: Mobile

Assault rifles play a significant role in COD Mobile for close to mid-range combats and to function correctly, one must consider various factors under which the assault rifle will be used.

The player must understand the map terrain and each location correctly. For example, if you are playing in Nuketown, you need to have an AR that can bring enough burst damage in close range fights and with higher firing rate to melt down your enemies easily.

In this scenario, the ADS accuracy can be compromised to get a better gun with good hipfire accuracy and high mobility. Now if you consider another map like Raid, the combats that mostly take place are in mid range and here, you need to have a gun that matches your opponents.

If you carry the same AR you used in Nuketown, you will be at a bigger disadvantage. You need a gun which has better ADS accuracy, low recoil and enough mobility to quickly disengage after finding the kills. The five weapons mentioned below are picked from each category that will help you in close, mid and even long range fights. It is recommended to at least keep a combination of two guns mentioned below to have better results in each map.


The first gun on our list is DR-H. It is an assault rifle that gives you the highest raw power on this list and is fairly easy to control. Now if you consider the scenarios mentioned above, DR-H can match the power of most SMGs and can give you a fair chance at winning a duel in Nuketown.

Similarly, DR-H is enough stable that you can easily control the gun for mid-range fights but there might be a slight disadvantage against other stable guns with low recoil.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle DRH

DR-H can be considered as the most stable and best weapon to use in close to mid range combats but the biggest thing that this gun lacks is the mobility. You can win any duel if you aim accurately but if the backup arrives in time, it is extremely difficult to navigate to the safe locations.

The gun also have a base magazine of 20 bullets which is far lesser than its fellow ARs and hence you will have to think before firing.

If you are playing Raid, you can use this DR-H to land a mid-range kill through three open areas and still have enough time to jump-slide to safety behind the walls/doors and even the fountain. We recommend to carry this game with red dot sight, extended magazine and other attachments that will make it more mobile and the gun becomes a beast that can instill terror in your enemies.


The next gun on our list is named as KN-44. You can consider this gun as the best option for any close range fight. It has an insane fire rate that remains unmatched by any other assault rifles. If you like to play deathmatch mode, this gun is a must to have in one of your loadouts.

If you are not a fan of SMGs, this gun works exactly the same but with a bit more damage. In deathmatch, there are again maps like Firing Range in which this gun will not be effective at all if you can’t convert the combat in a close range fight.

The mobility with KN-44 is perfect and you can just slide in, catch some players off-guard, land some kills and dash out to safety.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle KN 44

Now if you play domination, this is again the go-to pick for you. Domination mode requires you to fight close range and tactically, no matter which map you play and hence make sure to make the full use of this advantage by picking KN-44 over any other guns to dominate your opponents.

We recommend you to use a thermite or landmine alongside the smokes to help you in the dmonation mode. Talking about the attachments, it can be customized to much higher extent and you can create a gun that you like.

Adding extra bullets via extended magazine is always recommended but if you want to increase things like ADS accuracy, hip-fire and mobility around the gun, pick the attachments that match your requirements.


As the name suggests, the gun is made for war and is incredibly strong than other weapons. The gun is heavy to carry around but dishes out so much damage that even LMGs can be defeated with this gun.

Man-o-War can be considered as the best AR so far and with more and more weapons getting added to the game, the options are increasing but this gun is still a solid pick against most of the weapons.

It has the capability to even destroy the DR-H users but mastering the gun’s recoil pattern accurately is a very hard task for anybody. If you want to absolutely obliterate your enemies, this is possibly the best choice but it comes with a big catch. You have to practice hard with this gun as the mobility is very low and hence, even with sliding mechanism, you can get easily caught.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle Man-o-War

For search and destroy mode, Man-o-War is a great choice for aggressive push but consider yourself as a sacrifice in that situation because even if you can easily catch an entry frag, it is almost impossible to run away from the cover fires. These are the game intricacies you will need to learn by experience. This gun should be customized for increasing the mobility and accuracy but you can even add some laser sight and other close range attachments to carry this gun into deathmatch modes.


The very first gun that is available when one starts playing COD: Mobile is M4. It is very easy to obtain, master and increase the XP to have a complete set of modifications available right from the start.

Some players can consider this gun as an inferior to the others on this list because of it’s stability but that’s what makes it unique. There are times when you play maps like Firing Range and you require a gun that can accurately hit targets at long range without compromising its damage output.

M4 is absolutely perfect gun for mid to long range fights but is slightly at disadvantage at close range combats. The gun has lesser damage than its competitors and hence it is not wise to choose this weapon for close range.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle M4

If you like to play Search and Destroy more, and have some specific positions that you hold which requires you to battle at a long range, M4 with higher scope variant is your perfect choice.

Attaching a 3× scope is ideal for this gun alongside the extended magazine and other attachments can be altered as per your preferences.

This gun can challenge the sniper players if the opponent misses the first shot and can easily beat opponents with unstable guns who have a bad aim. This is recommended gun for entry level players but is a perfect and most recommended AR for long range fights.


The last weapon on our list is AK-47. This is a very well-known name and its various iterations occur across many titles. This gun can be considered as a double edged sword just because of its unexpected recoil pattern. Ak-47 is one of the finest weapons in COD: Mobile but when you consider it as a go-to weapon, things get tricky.

At lower ranks, you will not face any issues while using AK-47 as it is one of the earliest available weapons and most of your opponents will run the game.

When you climb the ladder and reach to a point where even you have almost all the weapons unlocked and your skills have been honed, that’s the time when this choice begins to become questionable.

COD Mobile Assault Rifle AK47

Players who will have access to much higher category weapons like DR-H, ICR and M4 will beat you in an instant if you don’t aim correctly and come into open fields for firing.

AK-47 lacks firing rate, mobility but has an insane damage till decent distance. The gun feels shaky even if you combine it with stable attachments hence it is highly recommended to use this weapon by keeping that in mind.

This gun makes it to the top five because of its sheer raw power and if you are willing to sacrifice the stability and opt for risky plays, it can give you the most surprising results time to time. Get ready to lose at the start and learn this weapon good enough to stomp your enemies once you understand the detailed mechanics of how AK-47 works with various attachments in COD: Mobile.


These are our picks for top five assault rifles that COD Mobile has to offer. Now utilising the weapons correctly is what matters. Each and every scenario cannot be included in this article hence you will have to learn from your experiences and become better by playing with those guns regularly. Also, try customising each gun with all the options available till you find your perfect set of attachments.

This is a trial and error method but the time invested in this method is worth it. It is also must for players to keep one short range and one mid to long range AR in their loadout options. You can always carry more than two Assault Rifles but saving slots for SMGs, LMGs and Shotguns is equally necessary in COD Mobile.

We recommend you to carry DR-H and KN-44 if you like domination and Deathmatch, M4 as a long range option and AK-47 and Man-O-War only when you master it. You can use both of these guns in unranked matches before trying them into ranked matchmaking. Let us know if this small guide helped you to improve your choice of assault rifles and made your gameplay slightly better.

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