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Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Final Snow patch notes update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 has commenced and the new season looks amazing. This will be the last update for the game in 2021 with the winter-based theme Final Snow. The new update includes new weapons, operator skills, maps, modes, and more. Read our complete article to know the details for Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 patch notes.

New Updates

CoD Mobile Season 11 was released on Thursday, December 16 at 4 PM PT. A classic Black Ops 4 map was reintroduced in CoD Mobile Season 11.

Two new weapons have been introduced in CoD Mobile Season 11, one from Modern Warfare and one from Black Ops 3. The first is the PKM, a Light Machine Gun from the Modern Warfare series. This fast-firing weapon packs a punch with a huge magazine size at the cost of mobility. The other is D13 Sector, which is a special weapon that fires lethal discs that explode after a few seconds.

CoD Mobile Season 11 patch notes

Balance Adjustments

  • Multiplayer
    • CBR4
      • Base Get-Hit flinch reduced
      • Recoil adjustment, optimize the abrupt trajectory to the upper right, so that the recoil is more steady when firing continuously.
    • Kilo Bolt-Action
      • Base ADS Time: 0.4 -> 0.38
      • MIP Extended Light Barrel: ADS Time: +10% -> +7%
      • OWC Ranger Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%
      • OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%
    • HS0405
      • Hipfire Bullet Spread reduced
      • ADS Bullet Spread reduced
      • 500gr Slug – New effect: Reduce ADS spread. Enhance effect: Damage Range
  • Scorestreaks – Stealth Chopper
    • Stealth Chopper’s defense is slightly improved.


  • Battle Royale
    • R9-0
      • Fixed an issue where the BR general accuracy bonus did not take effect on R9-0
      • Hipfire and ADS bullet spread: Compared to MP, reduced by 30%


  • Updated the models of boulders on Hovec Sawmill
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