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Mortal and Scout frustrated over hacking in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is being criticized for having a large number of hackers and even big streamers and professional players like Sc0ut and Mortal have begun to take notice. Mortal recently tweeted about the hacking problem in BGMI and Sc0ut uploaded some snippets of him being killed instantly by different hackers in multiple matches.

The problem of hacking is persistent in almost every gaming title but the anti-cheat mechanism deployed by developers makes a huge impact on the actual number. Some games are evidently faceless hackers due to stricter anti-cheat checking but Battlegrounds Mobile India is apparently lacking in this aspect.

PUBG Mobile makers, Krafton, developed a different mobile battle royale title for the Indian region to abide by the local laws but it is facing a similar problem of hacking like PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile was infamous for having a large number of hackers but after multiple anti-cheat updates and by the implementation of new techniques, the number was significantly reduced. This has not been the case with Battlegrounds Mobile India even though the game is exactly similar to PUBG Mobile.

BGMI pro and content creator, Mortal, recently expressed his disappointment on Twitter by tweeting the following:

This tweet has evidently caught the attention of many players facing similar issues. Another big content creator, Sc0ut spoke about this matter by uploading some clips on his Instagram stories. They depicted that Sc0ut was killed twice in some absurd ways.

One of the clips highlighted a hacker using M249 to knock Sc0ut in a long-distance spray and the other video showcased yet another hacker using Kar98 twice within a fraction of a second and then increasing the movement speed with a speed hack.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is still a new game but due to the number of hackers present in this game, it is quite frustrating for the fan base to enjoy the game in classic mode. The developers are expected to take some action to solve this issue.


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