BGMI Best Drop Strats: How to get more kills in BGMI

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is the most famous battle royale title in India and it has substituted PUBG Mobile. It has a humongous player base and players are always looking for ways to improve their game and get more kills. Here are some of the foundational strategies that you can implement to get more kills in BGMI.

Players aiming for a higher number of kills should know that survival does not go hand in hand with aggressive gameplay. This means that you might drop a few ranks while adjusting to this new game style.

If you are looking for some ideas to help you last longer on the battlefield and still get some extra kills, here are the top three tips that BGMI players can use while pushing.

Play strategically and communicate

This is a very important part of any battle royale game as players can not sustain in this environment without having a good strategy. This does not mean that they should have an intricate plan but just setting short terms goals is useful as well. Make sure to plan out how you are going to enter the final circles and communicate via voice mode while doing so.

Giving out calls on the microphone is very much more convenient than using the chat wheel or chatbox itself. Try to incorporate using voice chat as much as you can.

Hotdrop and set roles

As mentioned before, setting some goals is very necessary while playing BGMI. This game is about the survival of the fittest and hence, players which have a better approach to this game will excel. You need to have an idea of how you are going to play the game. If you choose to go for more kills, using an aggressive playstyle is very useful.

To get a higher number of kills, you need to drop to a place where a maximum number of players are going to come. This can be locations like Pochinki, Bootcamp, or Hacienda del Patron.

Role setting is quite important along with the goals. This means that each player should have a particular role which they are good at. This means that someone can pick a sniper rifle and become the sniper while others have a defined role like an entry fragger with a supporter. This will help you take instant decisions on the go and have a structured unit while playing the game.

Use utilities

Equipment is an underrated part of BGMI. Players tend to use it very less and rely on their guns but perfectly using a certain set of utilities can make or break the game. This means that you should have an adequate amount of nades, smokes as well as some flashes and molotovs.

Utilities like hand grenades and molotovs make a huge impact on the game. You need to have an idea of where to use it. Players can simply watch pros play and then understand how to use grenades appropriately. They can be used to push buildings as well as clear any knockouts. Effectively using grenades can stack a high number of kills in BGMI.

These tips can certainly help you to rise in the ranks quickly and improve your kill count in the process.

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