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Battlegrounds Mobile India advertised in PUBG Mobile KR

Krafton Inc. is ready to launch their new battle-royale title named Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country after a hiatus of about nine months. This game is set to replace all the other versions of PUBG Mobile that are currently active in India and one of them, PUBG Mobile Korea, is seen advertising this new game.

PUBG Mobile KR is the Korean version of PUBG Mobile which is specially designed for Korea and Japan. This game replaces the global version of PUBG Mobile because certain changes are made in it to better align with the local rules and regulations. The same steps are being followed in India as well, but the entire game is publicized as a new entity.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is basically PUBG Mobile India with a different identity and it has already begun its pre-registration process. An advertisement was recently spotted in the in-game events section of PUBG Mobile KR where Battlegrounds Mobile India was highlighted.

When PUBG Mobile was banned in India, most of the Indian players made a big switch by abandoning their accounts on the global version and switching to PUBG Mobile KR. Most of the PUBG Mobile players in India currently play on the Korean version and to alert them about the pre-registration process, an event board was added in that game.

This event board informs players about the pre-registration rewards. Alongside the Recon set, two other rewards are spotted which means that players will get a title and 300 AG for enrolling themselves. PUBG Mobile KR also took some big steps to keep the game localized to its designated region.

PUBG Mobile KR has already announced that Indian players will not be able to access the game from 30 June and hence, it can be deduced that Battlegrounds Mobile India might be launched before that deadline.

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