Apex Legends Mobile: Will Rhapsody be available on PC and Console?

Apex Legends Mobile is moving into its next season themed “Distortion” very soon and as a part of the seasonal update and changes, Respawn is adding a new legend to the game named as Rhapsody. She is a boxer and DJ according to the trailer and will be coming to the game on July 12.

Some of the Apex Legends fans are wondering whether this legend will be seen in the PC and Console counterpart of the game or not and the answer is slightly tricky. As we know, Apex Legends Mobile is a game built quite different than the other counterparts and it has its own mechanism and working.

The developers had already announced that Apex Legends Mobile will get its own exclusive content and legends are included in this exclusivity. If you look at the releases prior to this, Fade was the first legend exclusively launched in Apex Legends Mobile.

Respawn has not mentioned that Fade will be ported to Apex Legends and a similar thing could happen with Rhapsody as well. The in-game mechanism that Rhapsody works on is suitable for a mobile device and not PC or console.

This new legend is for tactical players that provide support to the team and block most of the information provided by some other agents. For PC players that want to try Rhapsody will need to download Apex Legends Mobile on their phone and wait for Distortion to hit the servers.

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