Apex Legends Mobile gets new character Rhapsody in a distortion update

EA Games the developer of Apex Legends Mobile has announced the launch of season 2. The new season is scheduled to get live on July 12 for Android and iOS users with the addition of a new character ‘Rhapsody‘.

About Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a DJ who speaks of her childhood in Kómma where the tech giant Pythas Inc. controls all. The steady rhythm reflects her supportive mother, a brilliant AI engineer. And the booming bass resembles Rowdy, the robot companion her mother created to amplify her daughter’s voice. Life was good, but good times in Kómma never last long. 

When her mother was fired from Pythas Inc. for discovering company secrets, her family was buried in false debt and forced into the dangerous nightlife district: Neon Dunes. There, Rhapsody honed her art. The unrest around her inspired groundbreaking music with a rebellious heart, capturing the passion of its people.

Passive: Gifted Ear

You pick up and visualize sounds from an extended range

Tactical: Hype Anthem

Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and recharges shields. Taking damage will end the effect.

Ultimate Ability: Rowdy’s Rave

Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that block incoming sight and scans.

Legend Progression Perks

  • Volume Control – Squadmates affected by your Tactical temporarily gain Gifted Ear.
  • Sound Bleed -Occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.
  • Tuned In – Continuous running increases the range of Gifted Ear.
  • Reverb – The more squadmates your Tactical affects, the longer it lasts.
  • Harmony – Your Tactical increases the speed of revives and the effect of healing items.
  • Rowdy’s Rhythm – During your ultimate, squadmates standing near Rowdy reload faster.


King’s Canyon
First sample image of Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Mobile game.

The King is back Legends—the map that started it all for the Apex Games is now in Apex Legends Mobile. To celebrate the launch of Kings Canyon, Rhapsody placed some VIP Tickets for her next concert on the map. Are you lucky enough to find one?

Pythas Block 0
A sample image of Pythas Block 0 in Apex Legends Mobile game.

Pythas Block 0 is a new TDM map. It’s a corporate campus owned by Pythas Inc. that sits high above the city of Kómma on Solace. It’s used for Pythas offices of high-end executives, some entertainment, and an arcade called Pythas Arcade.


In this update, Arenas will be back at a future date, instead, we have two brand new game modes making their debut: 

Gun Game

Acquire kills to work your way through the extensive Arsenal of guns available in the Apex Games. Most points or three melee kills win in this fast-paced game mode!


A brand new Syndicate competition, Hack enters Apex Legends Mobile.

An ADS Satellite which has been built based on The Ring Technology, acts as an orbital cannon overlooking the playing field.

In this mode, two teams face off as Hackers vs. Defenders. As Hackers, your job is to work with your team to Hack one of the two sites on the map to gain points. After three points have been attained, the Satellite will punish your opponents by frying them to a crisp. As defenders, your job is to stop the hackers at all costs! 

First to win four rounds wins the match, work with your team to either hack the ADS and laser your opponents or eliminate hackers to stave off death by orbital cannon at all costs.