How Beyond Infinity ASUS is shaping up the Indian DotA 2 eSports scene in all the right ways

Beyond Infinity Asus

Beyond Infinity ASUS, India’s top DotA 2 roster has recently been in the discussions over their performance against Fnatic at the ESL One Manila qualifiers where they got appreciations and well-beings from world’s top gaming and eSports organization.

Following the massive support and feedback from the community, Beyond Infinity Asus took no time in gaining back the confidence and put themselves together to participate in Manila Major qualifiers.

The roster, which earlier was a part of NeckBREAK, Elunes and InvisibleWings, looks like now have finally have found their home in the likes of Neerav Rukhana (Team owner, Beyond Infinity), the team is also sponsored by ASUS which adds to the optimism.

Beyond Infinity ASUS

The lineup, ZeDisBuGG, Swifty, BlizzarD, Battosai, and NO_Chanc3 were put together and headed under the current franchise not more than a couple of months ago. In a conversation with their IGL, Bari Nasir ‘ZeDisBuGG’ Anwar, we got to know some exclusive details and their operations.

Beyond Infinity Asus
Photo courtesy: MaGGaming

Sponsored by ASUS, Managed and owned by Neerav, Beyond Infinity ASUS have a well-settled boot-camp where they are practicing every day since, February 2016. The routine might sound odd or uncomfortable to our readers, but the boys have really walked out of the comfort-zone and are passionately practicing for 80+ hours a week, which is 36 hours more than a regular office goer according to industry standards (yes, I compared them vs any other professional).

The 5-month-old lineup made its way to ESL One Manila Regional qualifiers playoffs (top 4 in 256 participants)  and played against world’s best Swedish eSports organization’s roster, Team Fnatic. When asked about how was the experience in playing against world best, Anwar recollected:

Beyond Infinity ASUS

“It was a really hard to reach that stage…..we had to play open qualifiers with other 256 teams and we came top 4 and qualified to the closed qualifiers (regional qualifiers). The experience was good as we got to play against tier 1 teams and it helped us getting stronger than ever.”

The bootcamp


Beyond Infinity bootcamp in Mumbai, India.

As usually, at the bootcamp, Beyond Infinity Asus practices against some of the top teams from the SEA region and later they shift into the solo-queue mode to improve individual gameplay, and this goes on every day at their headquarters. They have an odd 5,000 facebook fans but are strong enough to boost the team up when they play matches.

Recently, the team participated in two different qualifiers of Manila Majors SEA region and were able to grab a spot 16 top teams in the second qualifier ahead of their country rivals Invisible Wings.

Indian Esports and future endeavors

We have further plans to be continue practicing and participate in major DotA 2 events as a team.. the love from our Indian community is what gives us motivation and we are thankful for such supporters esports is just like any other sport….if u are good at it then its full time thing.

You can follow Beyond Infinity ASUS on their facebook page and know more about how well they are performing and giving India a chance to be called an eSports recognized nation worldwide.

ASUS’s take on Beyond Infinity

“Sponsoring the DotA 2 eSports team,’ Beyond Infinity’ was a pivotal move and I hope this serves as an impetus to shape the future of eSports in India. The team was carefully selected based on the passion each one exhibited, the discipline and their consistency. Currently the team is sponsored for a period of one year and renewal will be subject to performance.” – Mr. Vinay Shetty, ASUS Regional Director – Component Business, India and South Asia