Twitch streamer goes viral after a mouse ruins her Christmas dinner preparations

The dream of every new or old Twitch streamers is to get recognition on the platform such that viewers would start watching their streams and subscribe to them. For them, a viral breakthrough means a lot and might even help them get more viewers. 

Twitch Streamer Hollycannabis went viral yesterday after a mouse had interrupted her Christmas dinner prep stream. Hoping to enjoy the Christmas holiday with her viewers, Hollycannabis took a day off from her normal streaming schedule and did a special Christmas themed stream. Wanting to show off her cooking talent to 8.6k Twitch followers, she streamed herself preparing the Christmas meal.

Hoping for a chill session, she started chatting with her viewers while also working on her meal. But, a rodent had other plans. While her oven door was open she opened a kitchen drawer to get something, when suddenly a mouse leaped out the drawer and landed directly into her oven. The mouse quickly went below the tray and hid underneath the baking tray.

When she saw the mouse leap from the drawer, terrified she screamed and ran backward. After regaining her composure, she carefully went over the oven to check if the mouse was still in there.

Armed with a pair of tongs she quickly rummaged through her oven hoping that the mouse would have run away after hearing her screams. But to her surprise, the mouse had slipped to the lower compartment of the oven and hid there. 

Holly looked to her audience for help, as she asked: “Guys I’m f***ing terrified. What do I do?” and left. 

The mouse had clearly ruined her Christmas stream as well as her meal, which according to her took three-and-a-half hours to prepare. This mouse debacle isn’t something that anyone would wish for themselves to get viral on the internet and probably isn’t the kind of fame Holly wanted either.