Where can you find out Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact?

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There are a lot of quests in the newly popular title Genshin Impact. One of them is the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest where you need to get chilled meat. By completing the quest, you will get access to the recipe for Ghoulash.

Where to find Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact?

  • You can find Chilled Meat in Dragonspine. You can easily glide down to the ice-mountain region from the Statue of the Seven. There will be a wild pig covered with ice. At first, defrost it using your Pyro ability and then kill it to get chilled meat.
  • If you want more chilled meat, start moving to the south and you will find more pigs to kill. Once you kill the fourth pig, a big boss of them will get spawned. After a tough fight, if you kill the big boss you will get eight chilled meat.
  • For more chilled meat, you need to visit the coastal area to get more wild pigs.

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