These Are The Best Sportsbook Perks You Can Find In Michigan

A small wager on the weekend football can be a fun way to add to the experience, whether you fancy yourself as being able to pick a few winners or you just want the fun of a long-shot parlay that might bring a big return.

In this guide, we explore the best sportsbook bonuses in Michigan, so you can rest assured that you don’t miss out and know what to look for when it comes to sign-up offers and other bonuses and perks.

There are so many sports and events that you can gamble on in the modern age, from esports like the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals to traditional sports such as baseball and football. How do you choose the best platform for betting?

Free bets

A number of sportsbook gambling sites reward their customers with free bets. You may get free bets upon sign-up, or you might periodically get rewarded with free bets depending on how regularly you gamble. A free bet can be a risk-free way to back a long-shot on the weekend’s fixtures. Remember that you won’t get your stake back with the bet – let’s say you stake $10 and win $80, instead of getting $90 (stake plus winnings) you will just get the winnings ($80).

Free merch

One signup bonus that more sportsbook gambling sites are offering is giving free merch. Michigan sports lovers will enjoy the fact that they might be able to get a jersey from their favorite team when they sign up for an account or gamble a certain amount. You will usually have to gamble before qualifying for your free shirt, but if you are going to be gambling anyway, then it may make sense to qualify for the free merchandise.

Matched deposits

Some gambling sites will match your deposit when you get started. If you deposit a certain amount, they may match it with free bets. There is usually a limit to this. If you deposit $20, some sportsbook perks will double this to $40, for your first deposit at least.

This is another way to tempt new customers.

Bet and get rewarded with free bets

Some sportsbook betting sites will reward you with free bets beyond matched deposits. Some will give you free bets far above the value of your initial stake. This can be a good way to use their site for longer without having to stake too much, to see if you like the features and layout.

Risk-free bets (money back if your bet loses)

A similar promotion. You may get money back as a free bet if you place a bet and it doesn’t win. Like the other sportsbook perks, this is likely to have a maximum amount, so check the limits before you actually place your bet.

A lot of people use these bets for the slightly more risky picks, knowing that if their sportsbook bet doesn’t come in they can still benefit from a refund on the bet, issued as a free bet, so they can gamble again.

Features can be perks, too

Don’t forget to pay close attention to the features of the gambling site, which can also be perks. For example, if the site offers the option to cash out, then there is the chance to take your winnings before the match is finished. 

Other features, like a straightforward app that is easy to use or a VIP system that gives you rewards over time, can be the ideal sportsbook perks in Michigan.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the app or betting site covers the sort of sporting events that you want to gamble on. You need coverage of the sports teams you love, right? This is probably the most important aspect to consider, whether you are a follower of the Detroit Tigers or the Detroit Lions, or teams elsewhere in Michigan and beyond.


So, what are the best sportsbook perks you can find in Michigan? Take advantage of the sportsbook betting sites in the state and the range of events that they cover.

In the world of improving technology and people enjoying a chance to gamble on their favorite teams, there are more and more sportsbook betting sites that offer unique bonuses. Some people sign up for multiple accounts to choose which is best for them. From a free jersey to a whole raft of free bets you can use, there are surely some rewards that will tempt you.