RowdyRogan’s fake tweet suggesting a ban from Warzone was orchestrated by his family for reasons recently disclosed in a YouTube video.

The 6 year old’s parents confirmed in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel that, RowdyRogan was not banned but far from it. As a part of the FaZe Clan’s recruitment challenge that requires contestants to produce a viral video, Rogan’s family pulled this stunt to get the community’s sympathy.

The family’s stunt was successful at first, but community didn’t take too long to figure out the true ambition behind.

The family rightfully apologized while Rogan’s mom explained said they did this to get past FaZe’s challenge as “the world was ready” for her son, according to her, and also put up a facade when suggesting that RowdyRogan getting into Faze Clan will open the gate for young gamers, but at this point, it is clear that all of this was for selfish reasons.

The family apologized when concluding the video, as they realized that their son’s fans were far from happy to get this news. The question remains, given the controversy involved with this video, will FaZe Clan accept this video in the challenge.