Riot removes tiers from Immortal, Valorant Rank changes explained

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Riot Games is overhauling the Valorant Ranking system in the upcoming patch 2.00. The revamped ranking scheme is more transparent, which should allow players to work on their performance. 

Episode 2 will end Riot’s guessing game as players would be able to see their in-game progress, facilitating their rank ups. Here’s all you need to know about Valorant ranking system, in simple words. 

First and foremost, the developer will remove the little arrows on the career page. Players will instead see their rank rating gain, and loss, allowing them to queue carefully. 

RR replaces arrows
  • Winning a match will reward the players with minimum 10 and maximum 50 rating points. The difference in a win is based on individual performance throughout the game. 
  • The same distinction applies to losing a match as well. The minimum rating lost after losing a game with decent performance is 10, and the maximum is 30. 
  • Demotion becomes less likely with Riot’s update that requires you to lose a game with 0 rating. 
  • Immortal draws will result in no RR gained or lost.

The developer has made the ranking system easier to understand, as competition gets more challenging. In Episode 2, Radiant rank takes the form of a trophy for 500 players that top the leaderboard. Here’s how it works. 

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  • In new Episode, Platinum 3 is the maximum level any player could reach. If your rank is higher than the level mentioned above in Episode 1, you’ll still open Platinum 3 but will rank up quicker than low-ranked players. 
  • Once you’ve reached Immortal, fight for Radiant begins. Players crossing Immortal RR will appear on Radiant leaderboard. 
  • Top 500 players to reach Immortal will receive a spot on Radiant leaderboard. 
  • Riot Games has removed the tiers from Immortal, making it as one ultimate rank. 
  • The leaderboard addition to Valorant will allow the top 500 Radiants to see where they land whereas Immortal leaderboards will display top 1% region wise. 
  • Other ranked players can see their spot on leaderboard, but it won’t be visible to other players. 

The main idea behind capping the peak rank at Platinum 3 is to start Radiant’s battle from the ground up. Players will get a chance to start afresh and show off their skills to secure a spot on Radiant leaderboard. 

Episode 2 will bring all of these changes on January 12, along with new agent Yoru and some major buffs and nerfs to Valorant agents. 

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