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Online Casinos or esports: What’s on the Rage in Finland Nowadays?

People around the world are more and more interested in eSports. Its popularity has officially made it a sport in some countries, even though there are active debates regarding that decision.

People are pointing out that there is no physical activity involved. Even if that claims are true, there are still a lot of strategies and skills involved in the very competitive world of gaming. On the other hand, gambling is legalized in Finland.

You can even see slot machines in places like shops, restaurants, or supermarkets. Their love for gambling is even better described by the amount of money they spend every year on it. And some research claim that amount goes close to 2 billion Euro each year.

Interestingly, both industries blossomed with the global pandemic of COVID.

Online Casinos in Finland

The popularity of gambling was not going to be stopped due to the new reality created by the spread of the disease. The owners of gambling establishments stepped up their game with the option of online casinos. Players could continue to enjoy gambling on specialized platforms, which offer excellent gaming experiences.

There is a list of some of the best online casinos Finland can offer to the players reviewed by BestOnlineCasino.com, be sure to check it out. Finish operators invested heavily in the market of online gambling since they spotted the huge potential for expansion. 

Growth of eSports in Finland

Finland has a more serious approach to the industry of eSports than other countries. They have made a decision back in 2017. to recognize eSport players as athletes. That decision makes a lot of sense if you consider that Finland has some of the best eSport players in the world. High-profile game tournaments such as Dota 2 or Counter-Strike can’t go without some of the strongest Finish players.

They are earning millions of dollars, and they have the full support of their country. The Finnish Olympic Committee established eSports as part of their community in 2019. If that sounds appealing to you, grab your version of CS: GO on the Steam platform and start practicing!

Why Should You Choose Finish Online Casinos?

Finland’s online gambling industry is thriving. Finland is a Scandinavian country, with just a little over 5 million people and the number of companies that offer online gambling is more than 30. This made us investigate the reasons for that.

The first answer lies in establishing a great system. Companies are receiving a lot of support from the Finish government, which imposed laws and regulations to help establish a safe environment for players and companies as well. All the casino sites Finland can offer to its players are legitimate businesses and that creates a safe environment for the players, encouraging them to participate in online gambling.

Competitive Offers at Best Online Casinos

To beat the competition, Finish online casinos offer great deals to their players. Players have bigger chances of winning since the house edge is lower than at the other casinos. Combine that with some of the highest betting limits in the world, and players are getting more and more interested.

To completely hook them in, the government taxes on the winnings are very low in comparison to other countries. They are requiring 30 percent of the winnings and that leaves players with a larger share of money in their possession. 

Improved Technology of Casino Sites

Notably, Finland represents a technological hub. Some of the best software designers in the world are always looking for a way to improve the best casino sites in the country. The gambling industry took the advantage of that and improved their offer to the players in many ways.

Advanced technology improved games in the field of gaming experience and game design. Even more important, it improved the safety of player information and money. Online casinos are regularly inspected by the responsible body, the Finnish Gambling Authority (FGA) every year. 

Games Variety and Software Providers

Those technological advancements allowed casinos to offer different games and different experiences for players.

The most interesting improvements can be seen in their offer of VR casinos, which are very exciting in the live dealer games. Some of the world’s best software development companies such as Playtech and NetEnt are responsible for a wide variety of games in Finnish online casinos, which include poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Add to that an offer of awesome bonuses and promotions for new and existing players, and what more can you want?

Esports Finnish Assembly Tournament

We mentioned the inclusion of esports in the Olympic committee of Finland. They arranged the bi-annual Finnish Assembly Tournament which quickly became very popular among players.

It became one of the largest competitions in eSport and attracted both professional and amateur players to compete in different game titles, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, and others. The tournament attracted very popular sponsors from the gaming world and hardware companies like Dell or Asus.


At the end of this article, we can state that these two industries have a sound footing in Finland. People in this country love to play games, both from the gaming and gambling industries.

In an organized and stable country like this, it is easy for players to enjoy both of them, with the backing of the government. Whether is it to try and become a professional athlete in the world of esports or test their luck in safe and state-of-the-art casino sites, Finns can try themselves and compete to be the best. The future looks very bright for these businesses.

They managed not only to survive the pandemic and creation of a “new reality”, but they also improved and evolved. Became much stronger and bigger, and they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Lauren Rasmussen
Lauren Rasmussen
Nonchalant door de straten van Nederland lopen. J'ai aussi vécu en France pendant un court moment.
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