Fun Lotto-Style Games You Can Play at Crypto Casinos

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The absolute best cryptocurrency casinos will be jam-packed with games. Of course, the most extensive array of titles in any Bitcoin casino’s library will be slot games. However, there are times when many of us fancy playing something else. If you are that kind of player, you need to be sure that you play at a top casino with plenty to offer, such as

While table games and live dealer games, video poker, and even on the odd bit of sports betting are common options, have you given a thought to lottery-style games? These exciting options are perfect for fast-paced breaks away from the slots. Here is what you can expect to see at the best cryptocurrency betting sites…

Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards work in practically the same way as land-based ones. You pay a fixed sum and are given a card that you can digitally scratch. Match symbols or cash sums to win prizes in the game. Typically, three or more is enough to pocket a prize, and some of these Bitcoin scratch card games also have multipliers that can boost your winnings.


Instant bingo or video bingo games can commonly be found at cryptocurrency sites, too. These games may be 75-ball, 80-ball, or 90-ball games, requiring you to win in patterns, by covering the grid, or completing lines. Most are played without any other players, meaning that you will need to win within a specific number of calls to pocket a prize.


Keno works in much the same way as Bitcoin bingo games. However, you can pocket prizes without checking off all your numbers here. Instead, you can decide how many numbers you want on your card, with the available prizes varying based on your selection and the amount of numbers you can check within a given number of calls. Consider keno to fall somewhere in between traditional lottery and bingo games.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports options are regularly available at the best crypto casinos. These allow you to bet on horses, football sides, and more. A virtual match or tournament then takes place. These work in much the same way as basic simulation games do, with prizes awarded for predicting the winner. Other sports include rugby, tennis, greyhound racing, American football, basketball, and more.

Fixed Odds and Instant Win Games

Sometimes, virtual sports games can be called fixed odds titles. However, this gambling term can also be applied to instant win games. These games can constitute anything and everything that does not fall into a conventional category, even games like Minesweeper, Sudoku, and more. Ultimately, while each has different requirements for you to win, the prizes tend to be fixed in relation to what you stake. This makes them easy to learn to play and is rather rewarding if you fancy a quick break for cryptocurrency slot gameplay at Bitcoin casinos.

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