How to download Mobile Legends Advanced Server?

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the oldest running MOBA games in the mobile gaming market. The mobile multiplayer online battle arena was developed and published by Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance. Recently, the developers of the game have launched an Advanced server that will act as a testing server in mobile legends to beta test the upcoming new features, characters, skins, and much more.

The advanced server is different from the normal Mobile Legends: Bang Bang server. Anyone from all parts of the world could play on the normal server whereas an advanced server/test server will be used by a limited number of players to test new features in the game.

Eligibility to play on Advanced server

As stated earlier, the Advance server can be tested by a limited number of players who need minimum requirements to be eligible for it. It will be open from Thursday with approximately 40,000 players’ access to the server. Below are the minimum requirements to access the advanced server.

  • Account level is higher than Lvl.15
  • Internet connection is stable (Ping less than 100)
  • Server resides in certain areas of Asia

How to join Advance server?

  • Click on to the Profile section and click Account Settings.
  • Find the Switch Server button on the bottom right of the screen and click on it. This will give players option to switch between the Original Server and Advanced Server.
  • After switching to the Advanced Server, the player will be required to download resources for good gameplay experience . 
  • For Android users, the Advanced Server permits will be given out on an irregular basis. A Switch Server button will be made available if the player is selected for access.
  • For iOS users, Moonton will send out invitation mails via the in-game mail system to active players. The Advanced Server client can be installed through the link in the mail.

To get back into the normal server, players need to repeat the above-mentioned steps. Find the switch server button and click on the original server.

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