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Best Arcade Style Games For Your Mobile

Even though the world has almost moved past the time of arcades, gamers are still huge fans of arcade-style games, and being able to play them on a device or console is a great way to get that retro feeling back. 

There are a number of arcade-style games that you can download for your mobile device, as well as a number of exciting vintage-style games. Here is a list of some of the best ones you can download right now. 

Mortal Kombat

Obviously, a classic fighting game like Mortal Komba to be on this list. Mortal Kombat found its way to mobile back in 2015, giving fans that arcade fighting experience right in their handheld devices. 

The game features fan-favorite characters like Goro, Jax, Lui Kang and of course Sub-Zero and Scorpion. The combat is very similar, you can do all the finishers and there is a story mode of course. 


Another arcade-style fighting game on our list is the Injustice series. Set in the DC comic world, you can control one of a number of DC characters from Superman to the Joker, to Deathstroke and the Flash. 

Each character has unique abilities, and the game features a story for players to go through with each character adding a different twist. It really is a great combination of superheroes and villains, and a pure fighting game. 

Vector 2

Vector 2 is a 2D platform game where you take control of your character as they try to escape a research facility. The gameplay involves your character running forward non-stop, with you being the one who must make him sprint, jump, slide and roll. 

There are many traps and obstacles in your way, but the constant action and movement will keep you on your toes. This game reminds you of the old-school games you would find in the arcade back in the day, but with a modern twist and incredible graphics.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is undoubtedly a legendary game, which is still enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every day. The premise of the game is simple, you have different birds at your disposal that you have to shoot at structures to knock them down and defeat the evil pigs. 

Each bird has different abilities and they are all different sizes. The structures you have to knock down change constantly and you are always having to change your strategy. The game is as popular as it is for a reason, it is so well made and so enjoyable to play. 

Temple Run

Another giant of the mobile game world, Temple Run puts you in control of your character from a third-person perspective, as you run, dodge and slide your way through the levels. Much like Vector, your character is constantly running and you must control their left and right movement. 

There are enemies, obstacles, dead ends, and traps all along your path, you also have access to abilities that make levels easier, and you can buy things in the store using the coins you collect. 

Sonic Dash

A legendary character in the arcade world, Sonic made his way to mobile with Sonic Dash. An endless-runner game like Temple Run, controls Sonic as he collects multiple rings, ensuring he dodges all the traps and enemies in his way. 

There is also a missions mode where players must complete certain objectives like collecting a specific amount of rings or finishing a level in a certain amount of time. There are also leaderboards for you to see where your times stack up against other players. 

Brick Breaker

A simple and classic game, Brick Breaker requires players to control a platform at the bottom of the screen and prevent a ball from falling, bouncing the ball off the platform and hitting blocks, destroying them. 

The objective is to hit and destroy all the blocks in the level, before the drop down far enough to hit the platform and end the game. Simple and styled like similar arcade games, it is the perfect way to spend a train ride or burn 10 minutes. 

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another endless runner game, but probably the most popular one on Earth. In 2017 it was the most downloaded game, and in 2018 it became the first game to cross 1 billion downloads. 

It is similar to Sonic Dash and Temple Run, but instead, you run down a subway dodging obstacles and spray-painting all along your path. The OG endless-runner and still one of, if not the best, Subway Surfers is a must-play if you haven’t given it a go already. 

There are many arcade-style games that can now be found across the Android and iOS app stores, with most of them bringing back that arcade nostalgia we all loved when we were younger, and others reinventing the arcade-style and giving us something new and fresh. 

These are only a few of the best arcade-style games, and you should definitely install them and give them a go if you haven’t already. 

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