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Why are My Characters locked in Overwatch 2? Answered

Overwatch 2 is now available to all players to enjoy. Blizzard released the game worldwide on October 4, 2012 at 12 noon PDT. It was made available in a no-cost game that began with the official launch in contrast to its predecessor, Overwatch that was a paid game.

New players are attracted to Blizzard’s latest game with a variety of reasons. Veteran players and Overwatch fans will surely return to the game and have been given benefits for cosmetic migration. The maps and heroes from the first game will appear in Overwatch 2 with some extra information.

For all newly released Overwatch 2 players, the heroes will be locked at the time of first log in. However, they are able to be removed by investing a small amount of time and effort within the game. This article will provide all the heroes and unlocking requirements in Overwatch 2.

How to unlock all Overwatch 2 heroes?

Overwatch 2 is a unique First Person Shooter game that Blizzard Entertainment has just released. The game’s predecessor was released in the first quarter of 2016 and has earned a name in the world of esports. The community was also growing under the Overwatch umbrella, resulting in the huge amount of support and affection that the game receives.

There are 20 additional heroes available in the game. They remain locked until the initial login of new players. They can be released without difficulty, and it does take only a few minutes. Anyone who is new in the games for some time will be able to access the heroes that are locked.

Here’s a list with the locked heroes along with an explanation of how to unlock them.

HeroHow to unlock
SojournLogin during Season 1 (or Season 2 for owners of OW1)
Junker QueenLogin during Season 1 (or Season 2 for owners of OW1)
GenjiPlay 1 match
D.VaPlay 2 matches
CassidyPlay 3 matches
AnaPlay 4 matches
HanzoPlay 9 matches
JunkratPlay 12 matches
RoadhogPlay 15 matches
SymmetraPlay 20 matches
ZenyattaPlay 25 matches
BastionPlay 30 matches
SigmaPlay 40 matches
AshePlay 50 matches
BrigittePlay 60 matches
MeiPlay 70 matches
DoomfistPlay 85 matches
BaptistePlay 100 matches
SombraPlay 115 matches
Wrecking BallPlay 130 matches
EchoPlay 150 matches
KirikoReach Tier 55 of Battle Pass (or purchase premium Battle Pass)

It is also crucial to remember that for all new players that winning a game grants the player double points on XP which will greatly aid in rapidly increasing the level of in the Battle Pass. There are many gifts offered to players who are in the Battle Pass if they do not purchase additional content.

This concludes the walk-through guide to unlock all heroes. Each Hero is unique that require the determination and effort. Fans are bound to be delighted by Blizzard’s latest, but even moreso, when you consider the brand new content they are planning to launch.

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