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How to do the griddy in FIFA 23? Answered

Do you want to know how to dance griddy moves during FIFA 23? The griddy is an extremely popular dance that has grown into an increasingly popular sporting event in recent times, and has been that was made famous by NFL players like Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jeffers. 

Griddy involves jumping between your heels, while moving your arms around before making the “OK” symbol in front of your eyes and moving across the field. 

It’s true, EA Sports have included the griddy in many of their sporting events and you can play this within FIFA 23.

In this article we’ll teach you how to perform this griddy dance in FIFA 23, so that you can terrorize your adversaries with the most well-known celebration all around.

Fifa 23 Griddy Dance

To perform the griddy, make a goal, and then press R2/RT to move the stick to the right twice. This will trigger your player to instantly hit the griddy in FIFA 23, which is generally what kids would say and then dance around the field in celebration.

In the case of Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic you can press X in PlayStation or press A on Xbox to perform the griddy that he uses as his trademark celebration.

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