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Who is ScoutOP? Tanmay Singh’s Esports Journey

Tanmay Singh, better known as Scout or ScoutOP, is one of the most prominent and popular personalities in the Indian gaming and esports scene. ScoutOP commenced his journey into gaming and esports at a tender age, fueled by an unyielding passion for competitive gaming, but he rose to prominence with his exceptional gameplay in PUBG Mobile back in 2018. Notably, he is also considered as one of the OGs of the Indian PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports scene. 

Early Life and Career of ScoutOP

ScoutOP was reportedly born in Valsad, Gujarat, India on 30th July 1996. He was among the firsts who started playing PUBG Mobile esports. Notably, he represented India at the inaugural PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 – Asia in Thailand, landing at the 16th position. Shortly after, he claimed victory in the Fighting League 2018 – India, which was one of the first PUBG Mobile tournaments in India. 

In 2019, ScoutOP’s journey through the esports arena witnessed a series of remarkable achievements and transitions. He, along with is team, secured the 2nd position in the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India, while playing under the banner of TeamIND. Following this, TeamIND represented India at the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals, where it showcased a mediocre performance to finish at 23rd position. In August 2019, Fnatic entered the Indian esports landscape, marking a crucial moment in ScoutOP’s career as he was signed by the prestigious organization. Under the banner of Fnatic, he secured the 9th position in the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia. ScoutOP surprised the global PUBG Mobile community with his explosive performance in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019, securing 8th position.

In 2020, under the banner of Fnatic, ScoutOP contributed to the team’s success, securing commendable positions in both the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split 2020: India and PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1. However, a pivotal decision led ScoutOP to depart Fnatic and join Orange Rock, where his talents continued to shine. With Orange Rock, ScoutOP attained remarkable feats, including a notable 11th place finish in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 and an impressive 2nd place in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East.

In 2021, ScoutOP joined Team SouL, but unfortunately, the new team wasn’t fruitful. As a result, at the end of 2021, he formed a new team named TeamXSpark. This new team put forth a decent performance but failed to secure a major win. Notably, the team impressed everyone with its performance in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023, finishing at third position.

Individual accolades:

ScoutOP is recognized as one of the earliest players of PUBG Mobile and BGMI, enjoying a large and devoted fan following thanks to his exceptional gaming skills since the games’ launch. Notably, he received the Fan Favorite Player award at the prestigious PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022: Afterparty Showdown, as well as at the Lidoma Battleground Invitational.

ScoutOP’s Social Media Presence

Besides competitive gaming, ScoutOP has dedicated significant effort to developing his presence on YouTube and Instagram. His YouTube channel, sc0ut, currently boasts an impressive 4.93 million subscribers, where he shares gameplay highlights and live streams. Similarly, he has garnered a substantial following of 3.8 million users on Instagram.

ScoutOP’s Estimated Earnings

According to Social Blade, his YouTube channel boasts a substantial income, ranging between $23K (approx. ₹19,15,8325) and $368.7K (approx ₹3,07,11,622) annually.

Additionally, his success in esports has been financially lucrative, as reported by Liquipedia, with earnings totaling $63,303 solely from esports winnings.

While these numbers offer insights into ScoutOP’s financial success, they should be regarded as rough estimates rather than exact figures.

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