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Where To Find Falcon Scout in Fortnite

The highly anticipated Fortnite 23.20 update is just around the corner, and players of the battle royale are ready to welcome the changes that the new patch is set to bring alongside it. Among other things, the Falcon Scout drone in patch 23.20 is perhaps what Fortnite players are looking forward to the most.

Finding the Falcon Scout drone in Fortnite enables players to take control of the drone and get a bird’s-eye view on the entire map while also being able to revive downed teammates and collect items across the map.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at where you can find the Falcon Scout drone in Fortnite once the update drops.

Falcon Scout Drone: Where To Find It In Fortnite

As the 23.20 patch hasn’t been officially shipped to the live servers as of yet, it’s not possible to accurately locate the positions of the Falcon Scout drone in the Fortnite map. However, we’ve seen enough leaks surface on the internet over the past few days to get an accurate idea of the number of Falcon Scout drones in the map.

According to several recent leaks, the Falcon Scout drones are not hard to find at all, and are pretty common across the map. They can be easily found in the regular and Oathbound chests and supply drops.

That’s everything you need to know about the Falcon Scout drones in Fortnite. We’ll keep you updated once the Fortnite 23.20 patch goes live.

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