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What is Angle Snapping in Valorant?

Angle Snapping can help players maintain crosshair levels when shifting the cursor. Angle Snapping can be enabled in the softwares which is often embedded by the manufacturers of the specific mouse brand. 

Industry-standard mouse softwares can help players shoot headshots faster and better. Download the software from your brand’s website, which is user-friendly and easy to configure. 

What is Angle Snapping in Valorant?

Angle Snapping allows players to move their mouse in a lateral position. This feature stabilizes the crosshair for headshots during small jerks and positioning instabilities.

Your mouse’s angle-snapping function is an external add-on. It’s an efficient aid for keeping your aim steady as you switch targets with a wrist twist. 

There is no angle-snapping option in VALORANT’s menus; you’ll need to break into the bundled software which comes with your gaming mouse. It won’t take you long to locate the angle-snapping option in the options. 

Most high-end gaming mice, and typically those of S-tier leaders of the industry, have the unique feature of “Angle Snapping,” which helps stabilize movement and keeps the cursor moving in a straight line even if the user moves their arm slightly.

If we use an example, we can spot Angle Snapping in Corsair’s software which goes by the name “iCue”

By disregarding erratic hand movements, it is able to accurately anticipate where the mouse will go next. In-game accuracy can be improved by activating this function, and it’s also helpful for players of all skill levels.

While Angle Snapping is not a configurable option in Valorant, it can be activated via the mouse’s manufacturer’s bundled software. Players may find that the option is greyed out or completely missing from the software, indicating that it is incompatible with the mouse.

Angel Snapping can currently be accessed if you have  purchased your gaming mouse from the brands listed below: 

  • Republic of Gamers
  • Lioncast
  • Corsair

Angel Snapping exclusively requires using bundled software as mentioned above and is not a part of Valorant’s available features. We highly recommend players to install the bundled softwares and not other third-party ones as they might conflict with the game’s anti-cheat resulting in a permanent ban.

Valorant: Is Angle Snapping Bannable?

While Angle Snapping can certainly be used to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents, it can’t get you banned from Valorant. It isn’t regarded as an aim assisted by Vanguard, which is why it doesn’t get detected as a cheat.

Also, it goes without saying that Angle Snapping alone can’t make you a better Valorant player. You still need to practice regularly if you want to be able to hit consistent flicks in the game. However, it can help you if you’re struggling with keeping your mouse movements horizontal and maintaining your crosshair at head level.

We at TalkEsport are not responsible if you stumble across any mishap if ever a third-party software is used to enable Angel Snapping. Stay updated with the latest news in gaming and esports by signing up for early access to TalkEsport’s Mobile App. Follow us on Twitter and Google News to ensure you never miss the exciting updates.

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