What is Remake in Valorant?


Like League of Legends, VALORANT players can forfeit the game and queue for a new one if a teammate disconnects before the match starts or during the first round. 

This feature was first introduced on September 1 of 2020 when the 1.07 Patch was shipped to the game. 

What’s a Remake vote in VALORANT?

If the Remake vote is approved before the first round begins, the game will be scrapped totally, and the current players will be put into a queue for a new game. All players will be returned to the main menu without any changes to their MMR or experience gained from the match. The rebuilt games will also be removed from the match log.

How to initiate a Remake vote in Valorant?

When one or more players drop out before the game has even begun, a Remake vote can be called for. If you’re in a 4v5 match and a teammate quits before the round begins, you can start the vote by typing “/remake” in-game.

Once that’s finished, players will vote on whether or not to pass the vote (in a fashion analogous to a surrender vote). Remakes require 100% confirmation in order to be implemented.

The player that left the game will still take a hit to their matchmaking rating (MMR) equal to the length of the match they were playing, plus a leaver penalty.

Keep in mind that the Remake vote cannot be initiated until a participant drops out before the second round. If, for whatever reason, a player disconnects after five rounds, the game will still be considered complete.

During the second round’s buying phase, fans can cast a vote to remake the film. If the vote is not successful, it will expire and be treated as if it had been forfeited. Many players who have never seen the remake option before may incorrectly assume it is a forfeit because of the similarities between a forfeit and a remake vote.

If the vote is successful and the game is replayed, neither player will lose experience, reputation, or matchmaking rating for their vote. Only the player who disconnected will be penalized in a remake situation. 

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