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What is Angle Snapping in Valorant? Is It Bannable?

Riot Games’ flagship first-person shooter Valorant is an extremely competitive title that requires players to have precise aim and hit consistent flicks to be able to reach the top levels of the game. However, most players are prone to errors in their vertical aiming when trying to hit flicks in Valorant. This is where ‘Angle Snapping’ comes into play.

What is Angle Snapping in Valorant?

For the uninitiated, Angle Snapping is an aiming mechanic in Valorant (and other FPS games) that has been a hot topic within the gaming community recently. It is a feature that’s available in certain mouse programs that utilize predictive algorithms to eliminate small, incidental movements in vertical directions, resulting in a smoother and more precise horizontal mouse movement.

This can often make flicks much easier to hit since your crosshair is much more likely to be already on the enemy’s head if you’re flicking across the screen on the same horizontal level. However, is this setting bannable in Valorant?

Valorant: Is Angle Snapping Bannable?

While Angle Snapping can certainly be used to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents, it can’t get you banned from Valorant. It isn’t regarded as an aim assist by Vanguard, which is why it doesn’t get detected as a cheat.

Also, it goes without saying that Angle Snapping alone can’t make you a better Valorant player. You still need to practice regularly if you want to be able to hit consistent flicks in the game. However, it can help you if you’re struggling with keeping your mouse movements horizontal and maintaining your crosshair at head level.

That’s everything you need to know about Angle Snapping and Valorant and whether or not it can get you banned. If you want to learn more about Angle Snapping and how to enable it, check out our guide here.

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