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What are Jam Tracks on Stage in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Jam Tracks are more than just background music. They represent a canvas for personal expression and creativity. These musical assets range from iconic songs to original compositions, providing players with the tools to create personalized playlists and mashups.

How to Get Jam Tracks?

Players can unlock Jam Tracks by progressing through the Festival Season Pass, earning rewards along the way. For those who prefer instant access, Jam Tracks are also available for purchase in the Item Shop, typically priced between 500 to 800 V-Bucks per track.

Jam Tracks on Fortnite Main Stage

At the Fortnite Main Stage, players can showcase their musical flair. By visiting the mixing station, you can compile up to four Jam Tracks from your collection. Whether you’re a solo performer or a band member, the Main Stage is where you shine.

For those who prefer the role of a DJ, there are four types of tracks to mix and match:

  • Lead Loops
  • Drum Loops
  • Vocal Loops
  • Bass Loops

Fortnite Festival understands the need for diversity in music. That’s why it offers a rotating Daily Track playlist, featuring major hits like Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Kendrick Lamar’s “i.” Although these tracks are not permanent acquisitions, they provide a free and refreshing musical selection for 24 hours.

Have you already tried out Jam Tracks on Fortnite main stage? Let us know in the comment section below.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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