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How to Unlock RAM-9 in MW3 and Warzone

Unlocking the RAM-9, the latest addition to the MW3 and Warzone arsenal, has piqued the interest of gamers eager to enhance their combat efficiency in close-quarters engagements. The RAM-9 submachine gun, lauded for its agility and lethal firepower at close range, can be acquired through a series of accessible steps detailed within the Season 2 Battle Pass framework. This guide is designed to walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth acquisition of the RAM-9, alongside insights into its gameplay impact and strategic use in the dynamic battlefields of MW3 and Warzone.

Unlocking Through the Season 2 Battle Pass

The primary method to unlock the RAM-9 involves progressing through the Season 2 Battle Pass. Specifically, players are required to complete Sector B6, a task that is both free and accessible to all players willing to invest some effort. This sector is conveniently located just two steps away from the starting space, B1, making it an achievable goal without excessive grind​​​​​​.

Alternative Unlocking Methods

For those seeking different paths to unlock the RAM-9, there are alternative methods available. One such method is through the Zombies game mode, where exfiltrating with the RAM-9 in your possession secures it permanently for your arsenal. Additionally, purchasing specific bundles, such as the upcoming Demon GLO Tracer Pack, offers a direct route to acquiring a blueprint of the RAM-9, bypassing the need for Battle Pass progression​​.

Gameplay Impact and Strategic Use

The RAM-9 distinguishes itself as a more maneuverable counterpart to its assault rifle predecessor, the RAM-7, with its bullpup design and 9mm chambering making it a formidable weapon in close-range encounters. Its full-auto and semi-auto firing modes, alongside a high rate of fire and manageable recoil, render the RAM-9 particularly effective in rapid assault strategies and close-quarters combat scenarios​​​​.

Meta Considerations

The RAM-9’s introduction into the game’s ecosystem brings with it considerations for the current meta. Its agility and firepower suggest a potential reshaping of close-range combat dynamics, with the potential to outperform existing SMGs depending on balance updates and player adaptation. As the gaming community explores the full capabilities of the RAM-9, its place within the competitive landscape will become clearer, potentially establishing it as a new favorite among SMG aficionados​​.

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