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How to Find and Catch Relaxaurus in Palworld

Discovering and capturing a Relaxaurus in Palworld can transform your gaming experience by adding a unique and powerful Pal to your collection. Known for its chill demeanor and impressive abilities, finding Relaxaurus can be a rewarding challenge for players. Here’s how you can find and catch this sought-after creature in the game.

Relaxaurus Location

Relaxaurus is predominantly found around the Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon regions. While there isn’t a specific pinpoint location due to their tendency to roam, these two areas are your best bet for encountering Relaxaurus. Keep an eye out for their distinctive long necks and height, which make them easier to spot in their natural habitats.

Catching and Battling Relaxaurus

Relaxaurus employs water and dragon-type attacks, like Water Blasts and Dragon Shots, making them a formidable opponent. To successfully catch one, dodging these attacks is crucial. Utilizing grass-type Pals can give you an advantage due to Relaxaurus’s vulnerability to grass-type moves. When it comes to capturing, both Normal Pal Spheres and Mega Spheres are effective, so use whichever aligns with your resource availability.

Additionally, approaching Relaxaurus with higher level Pals and employing better Sphere Types, such as the Mega Sphere or Giga Sphere, can significantly improve your chances. Given that Relaxaurus can range between levels 10 and 20 and possesses strong attacks, preparation is key. Bringing a grass-type Pal for combat can make the encounter more manageable due to the type advantage.

Relaxaurus is not only a formidable Pal in battle but also serves practical purposes, such as transporting goods and aiding with tasks around your base. Whether you aim to capture Relaxaurus for its utility or the challenge it presents, it’s a rewarding addition to any Palworld player’s collection.

By focusing your search around Ascetic Falls and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon, preparing adequately for battle, and employing the right type of Pal and Sphere, you’ll increase your chances of successfully finding and capturing Relaxaurus. Happy hunting!

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