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How to complete RTTF Joshua Kimmich SBC in EA FC 24?

After TOTY, the new RTTF promo is live now in EA FC 24. Joshua Kimmich is featured in the first SBC of this new promo. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll navigate through the challenges with ease and bring home this versatile German player.

But be warned, this quest is not for the faint-hearted. It demands skill, strategy, and a hefty investment of over 440,000 coins. Yet, the prize is worth every penny, boasting stellar attributes like 90 in Passing, 86 in Dribbling, and 84 in Defending.

How to complete RTTF Kimmich SBC in EA FC 24?

  • Bayern Munich SBC: A test of loyalty and skill, demanding at least one Bayern Munich player and an overall squad rating of 84.
  • Germany SBC: A tribute to the nation of precision and power, requiring at least one German player and an overall squad rating of 85.
  • Top Form SBC: A showcase of your managerial prowess, necessitating at least one In-Form player and an overall squad rating of 86.
  • Bundesliga SBC: A grand finale, asking for at least one Bundesliga player and a squad rating soaring to 88.

Each challenge comes with its own set of rewards, making the journey as rewarding as the destination. But remember, time is of the essence. The RTTF Joshua Kimmich SBC won’t be around forever in FC 24, expiring on February 13, 2024.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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