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How to Dribble in Rocket League like a Pro?

The game Rocket League revolves around the concept of soccer or football depending on where you are from, where dribbling is a core mechanic that helps you dodge opponents and traverse across the field with the ball. Learning this unique skill and training yourself with it is essential for you to succeed at Rocket League, so we’ve got you covered with some easy steps to learn how to dribble in Rocket League

What is dribbling in Rocket League?

Dribbling in soccer refers to maintaining control of the ball while moving around the field with your feet. It helps navigate and beat defenders, maintain ball possession, and also helps score goals. However, in Rocket League, the game is quite different due to the involvement of cars and a three-dimensional environment. It involves car control, ball positioning, and also boost management which is a power-up that every car gets. 

An added layer of complexity is involved where for advanced players, aerial dribbling is also an aspect where the player and the ball are both in the air!


How to dribble in Rocket League?

Well, it is easy and one of the most effective skill sets that will set you up for success in the game. It’s important to get your foundations consistent before you can do those trick shots you see in YouTube videos. 

This involves driving with the ball on top of your car, similar to how you carry the ball on your feed in soccer. For the new players, there is a video at the end that will visually demonstrate how you can dribble in Rocket League.

But before that, here are some best tips on how you can get better at dribbling : 

  • One of the most essential things to follow is to keep the car moving at the same pace as the ball. Using boost to catch up, or hitting the brakes when you are going too fast is very important to maintain control. 
  • Before you become all jumping ninja, learn this skill in freeplay. It removes anxiety and the trouble of ruining someone else’s competitive match, letting you focus on improving your technique. 
  • Just like all other mechanics speed flips take time to master and practice basic movements before moving on to advanced ones 

What is air dribbling?

Well, it is dribbling but in the air. This is a much harder skill to master than the ground dribble, but when done correctly can help you climb the competitive ladder quite fast. 

Here is a video on how to master air dribbling in Rocket League.

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