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How to play PGL Copenhagen Major Pick’Em Challenge in CS2

The first Major of CS2 is on the horizon and as we approach the date for its commencement, players get ready to lock in their Pick’Ems.

While there are a plethora of new things with the game the Pick’Em challenge being one of the chief attractions during Majors remains unchanged for the most part. With a week left for the event to commence, we are here to walk you through the nooks and crannies of what Counter-Strike offers to players during the Majors.

If you have fired up the game anytime soon, you must have across the Viewers Pass. The PGL Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass costs $10, and the Viewer Pass with 3 Souvenir Tokens costs $18. The pass includes an upgradable Copenhagen 2024 Coin. Suffice it to say, buying said pass is the key to all the extravaganzas that the game offers during the Major.

You will be awarded a Brozen Copenhagen 2024 Major coin as soon as you buy the pass which will get upgraded as your Pick’Ems align with the results of the tournament. Once you’ve enabled your viewer pass, locate the PGL Copenhagen 2024 hub on the game’s main menu. Then, drag and drop team logos into the slots based on your predictions for their final rankings. Predict two teams under 3-0 winners, two teams as 0-3 losers, and six teams as 3-1 or 3-2 finishers.

By participating in Pick’Em challenges, you can earn Souvenir Tokens that, when redeemed, exchange for a Souvenir Package from a specific match you select. The package includes exclusive CS2 weapon skins designed for the map played in that match and commemorative gold stickers featuring the participating teams, already applied to the weapon you receive.

Souvenirs are notoriously famous for dropping expensive skins which might result in significant economic gains but that only follows your fortune. The Pick’Ems give you bragging rights and a coin to flex to your CS knowledge given Major’s are full of upsets, surprises, and dark horses, and more often than not, results are far from predictable.

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