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Counter-Strike 2 Update Adds New Major Hub, Pick’Ems & More

Valve has recently shipped a new update to Counter-Strike 2, and it brings an all-new hub for the upcoming Copenhagen Major alongside the heavily anticipated Pick’Ems for the tournament.

The revamped Major Hub for the first CS2 Major is significantly different from the ones we’ve seen in CS:GO, and it enables players to check out their Pick’Em challenge, Viewer Pass progress, Souvenirs, and Stickers in one place.

At the time of writing, the Stickers for the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major haven’t been revealed by Valve. However, players are already able to buy the Viewer Pass and get their hands on the shiny Copenhagen 2024 Coin.

Upon buying the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass, players can participate in the Major Pick’Ems, progress their pass to get Souvenir tokens, and support their favorite pro teams through Team Graffiti.

CS2 March 13th Update: Patch Notes

Here are the detailed release notes of the March 13th CS2 update as officially confirmed by Valve:


  • The Copenhagen Major Hub is now available. Visit the hub to purchase tournament items, play the Pick’Em Challenge and more.
  • Purchase a Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass to receive an upgradable Copenhagen 2024 Coin. With an active pass, you can upgrade your coin and earn extra souvenir packages by playing the Pick’Em Challenge. Additionally, you will show up on the Active Pass Leaderboard where you can compare your Pick’Em Challenge performance to your friends.
  • All players with Prime status can place Pick’Em picks for free! However, to complete challenges and earn rewards from an event stage, you will have to activate a Viewer Pass before that stage begins.


  • Adjusted molotov fire to address a case where a player who could see through fire could not be seen by their opponent.
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