Mei Disabled in Overwatch 2 After Game-Breaking Exploit Surfaces

Mei will be returning to the Overwatch 2 roster on November 15th.

mei overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment has temporarily removed Mei from the Overwatch 2 hero pool after a major exploit that involved her ‘Ice Wall’ ability surfaced online. The game-breaking bug enabled an allied Kiriko to shoot through certain walls without the risk of taking any damage from the opposing team.

Once the exploit was brought to light by Overwatch 2 players from throughout the world, the developers have removed Mei from the game in response. She will be returning to the game alongside the upcoming Overwatch 2 update on November 15, 2022.

“We are temporarily disabling Mei to address a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allowed heroes to reach unintended locations when used with their abilities,” Overwatch 2 community manager Craig said in the forums. “We are working to address these issues as quickly as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch which is set for November 15. Thank you for your understanding and patience.”

This isn’t the first time the developers have removed a hero from the game, though. Previously, we have seen Blizzard removing Bastion and Torbjörn from the FPS title after some bugs enabled them to gain an unfair advantage on the battlefield. While these two heroes have now returned two the game, Mei will be missing from Overwatch 2 for the next two weeks.

Overwatch 2 Mei & Kiriko Exploit

The exploit worked by Mei placing her Ice Wall on certain corners of the map as Kiriko teleported to her to glitch inside walls. It has been demonstrated in the clip below:

While Kiriko could see and shoot her enemies from inside the wall, she couldn’t be fired at from outside, making her effectively invisible and invulnerable to the opposing team.

In case you’re an Overwatch 2 player and not a fan of playing against Mei and her freezing kit, now would be a good time to get those ranked games in.