Valorant Rank Distribution – October 2022

Are you curious to know how does your marksmanship skills fare against other Valorant players? We have you covered.

valorant rank distribution

Valorant is currently one of the biggest competitive shooters in the world of video games, and millions of players tune into the title each day to refine their skills and get better at the game while competing against others in 5v5 games.

It goes without saying that a competitive game like this also requires a rock-solid ranking system that correctly grades its players based on their skill level. Riot Games’ ranking system for Valorant consists of several rank groups, where each rank group is further divided into three subgroups which the players must cross to proceed to the next skill level.

The rank groups consist of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant. The Radiant is the highest attainable rank in the game and is the only rank that doesn’t include any sub-ranks.

It’s important to note that not all players can participate in ranked Valorant games. Players need to be at least level 20 in Valorant to unlock ranked mode in the shooter.

Valorant October 2022 Rank Distribution

Are you curious to know how does your marksmanship skills fare against other Valorant players? We have you covered.

In this article, you’ll be able to see a detailed chart showing the rank distribution of Valorant players which you can use to get an estimate of how good you are at the game compared to an average player.

Here’s the rank distribution of Valorant as of October 2022, as revealed by Esports Tales:

[Stats by Esports Tales]

You can see a tabular representation of the data below:

Iron 10.5%Platinum 16.5%
Iron 21.7%Platinum 25.2%
Iron 34.7%Platinum 34.6%
Bronze 14.9%Diamond 14.3%
Bronze 26.4%Diamond 23.2%
Bronze 36.4%Diamond 32.5%
Silver 18.0%Ascendant 12.0%
Silver 27.2%Ascendant 21.3%
Silver 37.4%Ascendant 30.9%
Gold 17.7%Immortal 10.6%
Gold 26.9%Immortal 20.2%
Gold 36.5%Immortal 30.1%

Valorant October 2022 Rank Percentile

If you’re wondering what percentile of players you belong to, take a look at the table below:

Iron 199.7Platinum 131.4
Iron 299.2Platinum 224.9
Iron 397.5Platinum 319.7
Bronze 192.8Diamond 115.1
Bronze 287.9Diamond 210.8
Bronze 381.5Diamond 37.6
Silver 175.1Ascendant 15.1
Silver 267.1Ascendant 23.1
Silver 359.9Ascendant 31.8
Gold 152.5Immortal 10.9
Gold 244.8Immortal 20.3
Gold 337.9Immortal 30.1

Taking a glance at the data, we can see that the density of players in the ranks increases steadily from Iron to Gold. It then starts to fall gradually from Gold 3 and takes a dive from Diamond and above, with only the top 1% of players being able to secure Immortal 1 and above.