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MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass: All characters, Items and More Details

With its full release, Multiversus has introduced the Season One Battle Pass to the game loaded with plethora of items and cosmetics. Let’s check out what all is included in the Multiversus Season One Battle Pass.

While the main objective of the Battle Pass is to introduce Jason Vorhees from ‘Friday the 13th’ to Multiversus, the Battle Pass is packed with items and cosmetics like Variants, Ringouts, Banners and more, for many characters already in the game.

There are 70 levels on the Season One Battle Pass track with each level rewarding an item or cosmetic. You can progress through the levels by completing daily tasks. There 32 free items on the Season One Battle Pass while the remaining 38 premium items require you to upgrade to Season One Premium Battle Pass. Here is a list of all the levels and the corresponding item on the Battle Pass:

LevelReward NameTypePremium/Free
1Jason VoorheesFighterPremium
2Once A Crystal GemUncommon Profile BannerFree
3Queen of CalamityRare Profile IconFree
4Pass The SaltRare TauntPremium
5Gem BoosterUncommon GemFree
6100x GleamiumCurrencyPremium
7Velma RingoutsBadgeFree
8Rick RingoutsBadgePremium
9400x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyFree
10WildfireEpic RingoutPremium
11Superman RingoutsBadgeFree
12Chest PoundRare TauntPremium
13AmaZone Defense LeBronRare VariantPremium
14Marvin’s WardrobeEpic Profile BannerFree
15500x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyPremium
16Jack of Carrots, DocUncommon Profile IconFree
17100x GleamiumCurrencyFree
18500x Perk CurrencyCurrencyPremium
19Two Face Coin FlipEpic RingoutPremium
20King of ShadowsRare Profile IconFree
21Biker StripeRare VariantPremium
22Spiritual AwakeningRare RingoutPremium
23Lightning BoltEpic TauntFree
24100x GleamiumCurrencyPremium
25Arya RingoutsBadgeFree
26Black Adam BoltEpic RingoutPremium
27Gem BoosterUncommon GemFree
28Man of TomorrowEpic Profile IconFree
29ReadingEpic TauntPremium
30Gem BoosterUncommon GemPremium
31600x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyFree
32500x Perk CurrencyCurrencyFree
33Gem BoosterUncommon GemPremium
34Steven RingoutsBadgeFree
35Comics 66′Epic RingoutPremium
36From the AshesEpic Profile BannerFree
37600x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyPremium
38Matrix Code Jason VoorheesUncommon VariantPremium
39200x GleamiumCurrencyFree
40Split the GuardLegendary RingoutPremium
41Game of Thrones AstrolabeLegendary Profile IconFree
42Tycoon ReindogRare VariantPremium
43Buff NannerLegendary Profile IconFree
44Gem BoosterUncommon GemPremium
45Wonder Woman RingoutsBadgeFree
46Rainicorns and RainbowsLegendary RingoutPremium
47700x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyFree
48The Clown Prince of CrimeEpic Profile IconPremium
49500x Perk CurrencyCurrencyFree
50Intrepid VelmaRare VariantPremium
51Gem BoosterUncommon GemFree
52Toodles, DocEpic TauntPremium
53500x Perk CurrencyCurrencyPremium
54Muddy JakeRare VariantFree
55MoonwalkLegendary TauntPremium
56Morty RingoutsBadgeFree
57Ride the WaveRare RingoutPremium
58Black Adam – AngryLegendary TauntFree
59200x GleamiumCurrencyPremium
60Iron Giant RingoutsBadgeFree
61Adventure Time!Epic Profile IconFree
62Tasmanian She-DevilEpic VariantPremium
63700x Fighter CurrencyCurrencyPremium
64Gem BoosterUncommon GemFree
65Oracle’s ReadingEpic RingoutPremium
66New FiendsLegendary Profile IconPremium
67Wedding StevenRare VariantFree
68Lurking JasonLegendary Profile BannerPremium
69300x GleamiumCurrencyPremium
70Uber JasonLegendary VariantPremium

This is all for the Multiversus Season One Battle Pass. So hurry up and complete your daily tasks to get your rewards before the Battle Pass expires. Click here if you are experiencing lag or FPS drops in Multiversus.

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