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How to decrease Lag and FPS Drops in Multiversus

Every gamer hates lag spikes and drop in FPS in any game. If that were to happen in a game like Multiversus, the frustration levels would reach sky high causing many controllers and keyboards to become casualties. I am sure you wouldn’t want to experience any lag and FPS drops in Multiversus.

As everyone knows, games like Multiversus require precision timing while in combat with your opponents. The game features multiple moves and attacks that need to be performed at the perfect time. Experiencing lag just before delivering your special move can turn the glorious win into a miserable loss. So let’s understand how you can decrease lag and FPS drops in Multiversus.

Internet Connection

Sometimes, it’s not your system that is causing the lag. When it comes to online multiplayer games, we have all heard about the terms ‘high ping’ or ‘high latency.’ There are two possibilities here.

  1. Your internet connection is slow where your data is not able to transmit fast enough to provide you a smooth multiplayer experience. In this case, you should contact your Internet provider for help.
  2. Multiversus may be experiencing some server connection issues. At this moment the game is known to have server issues. In this case, we just have to wait till the developers fix the issue.

Reduce Graphics Settings

Many players would not want to lose the visual appeal in any game. However, with a fast-paced game like Multiversus reducing the visual settings would be worth it. Every character in the game comes with its own set of visual effects. Now think about a 2v2 match with 4 different characters going at each other, there is so much happening on your screen which can overwhelm your system’s capabilities. In that scenario, it would be best to take your visual settings down a notch or two.

You can access your visual settings by clicking on the settings icon on the top right and then click on the Graphics tab. You can either switch between the presets or take the advanced route and experiment with the settings until you find the best that works for you.

Having said this, just like all games, Multiversus can run into internal problems too. All developers are always on the hunt for any bugs in the game. It’s a constant battle to keep the game up and running. So it could take some time for the developers to come up with a fix, the best we could do is be patient and wait for an update. Click here to know more about the game modes in Multiversus.

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