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How to Get Karasawa in Armored Core 6?

Unlike other weapons, acquiring the Karasawa isn’t a straightforward task and doesn’t come with game progression or hidden chests in Armored Core 6. It demands significant effort and time, making it a rare treasure even for seasoned players.

The weapon, also known as KRSV, is renowned for its formidable power, especially when charged, and is a hybrid of plasma and laser weaponry.

How to Get Karasawa in Armored Core 6?

  • Navigating through LOGHUNT Program: To unlock Karasawa, players need to advance through the LOGHUNT program to level 12. This involves revisiting missions and progressing into New Game+, collecting combat logs, and destroying marked targets on the map.
  • Understanding the Weapon’s Dynamics: The Karasawa, when uncharged, has an attack power of 312. However, when charged, it escalates to a whopping 2522, making it a lethal addition to the Armored Core build. The weapon, although powerful, comes with substantial recoil and high ammo cost.
  • Balancing Power and Strategy: Possessing the Karasawa implies a significant advantage, but it also necessitates strategic usage due to its recoil and cost. Players need to use this arm cannon with caution, balancing its immense power with tactical gameplay.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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