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How to watch Demos in Counter Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 is here and is sporting an all-new user interface that might seem a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out where everything is. While a lot of the functions from the CSGO are missing, one feature everyone is looking for is how to find the demos from their matches and watch them.

Demos are an important part of Counter-Strike and over the years, players have been using demos to record and analyze gameplay. Replaying matches and the exaction situations from them gives players extra clarity that helps them rectify their mistakes and professional teams use them to strategize game plans ahead of their matches.

How to find your Demos in CS2?

Finding your demos in CS2 is a bit of a stretch as they are no longer housed ingame. Here is how you download your demo from your Premier matches:

  • Log in to Steam from a browser.
  • Go to “Games” under the profile tab.
  • Look for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Matches from CS2 are also stored under the CSGO label)
  • Click on “Personal Game Data,” and choose “Premier Matches.”
  • Select the match of your choice and click on the “Download GOTV Replay”.

Once the demo is downloaded, make sure to remember the name or rename it into something you remember and copy that path of where it is stored, or preferably copy it to the CS2 folder for easier access.

  • Open CS2.
  • On the console type “playdemo” followed by the name of the demo file and the path if it’s not in the CS2 folder.
  • Hit enter and the demo should load.
  • Use the command “demoui” to open the set of controls that will help navigate through the demo.

Now you will have a CS2 demo of your choice playing with the new UI and with the navigation menu to help you browse through the demo.

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