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How to solve the Doll Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

Arriving at House Beneviento, you’ll notice that the place is full of eerie dolls and eventually, you’ll encounter a strange mannequin that bears a strong resemblance to a certain character. The room has been locked and to top it off, you’ll lose your entire inventory in this section unless you complete the puzzle that heavily relies on the mannequin/doll in front of you.

Since everything you’ll need to get out of the room happens to be inside the doll, so start by examining the doll’s right arm which will grant you a Silver Key upon examining the upper part. Once you examine the lower part, you’ll see a symbol with Three closed eyes.

  • Examine the doll’s left side, start by examining the Left Eye which has a flying crow symbol on it. 
  • Examine the left arm for a Blood Covered Ring on the doll’s hand.
  • Examine the left leg to find the Winding Key which will be useful later.

Unlocking the Doll Workshop Door

There’s no use in examining the doll’s mouth and chest, for now, make your way to the door which happens to have the same symbol as the Silver Key. Approach the sink and use the Blood Covered ring which turns out to be a Wedding Ring.

Open your inventory to examine the ring which has the date 05/29/11 engraved in it, this is the code to unlock the Doll Workshop room (the locked doors behind you from when you start the puzzle) so you can get out and explore the rest of the floor.

How to solve Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

  • Continue down the hallway and go inside the door that opens up to your left.
  • Interact with the box on the table and use the Winding Key to activate it, the box has 5 plates inside which are placed incorrectly.
  • Line the plates up by aligning the scratches on them (solution below) to get a pair of Tweezers.
  • Head back to the Doll Workshop and examine the mannequin’s mouth.
  • Use the Tweezers to pull out the Film which was neatly hidden inside.

How to solve the Film puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

To use the Film, make your way back towards the elevator and go inside the Study room where the Film projector is. Use the clues on the desk to rearrange the Film in the correct order.

  • Rose’s best friend in the whole wide world: Monkey stuffed toy.
  • She really likes this fairytale: Village of Shadows book.
  • The most important thing in the world to us: Rose.
  • A wedding gift from grandma: Music Box.
  • Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love for me: Hand with Wedding Ring on it.

Play the film and watch it for your next clue and the bookshelf in front of you will open up to reveal a hidden room. Grab the Scissors inside and crouch down to cut the bandages to open up access to another corridor that leads to a door that leads to the Silver Key room. Head back to the Doll Workshop and use the Scissors to cut the bandages on the mannequin’s torso to get the Brass Medallion.

How to solve Dollhouse Door Puzzle in Resident Evil Village?

There’s a path inside the Workshop that leads to a locked door with 2 symbols and 1 depression on it.

  • Change the symbol on the top left to Flying Crow, which was the same as the doll’s left eye.
  • Change the bottom symbol to three closed eyes, the same symbol on the doll’s right arm.
  • Place the Brass Medallion on the depression on the top right.

The door will now unlock and reveal a staircase that goes downwards. This is the same room as the one in the film we played earlier, head to the ladder that leads inside the well and get the Breaker Box Key

How to find the Fuse in Resident Evil Village?

Now that you have obtained the Breaker Box Key, head to the elevator once more, but carefully this time (for reasons we can’t explain). Once you safely reach the elevator, open the breaker box next to it and you’ll get Relief of a Child.

To place this key item, go inside the Study Room and take the shortcut inside the bookshelf where you’ll find the door with a woman on it. Place the Relief of a Child inside the depression and make your way down the stairs.

Head to the bedroom where you’ll find the Fuse on the wall, next to the closet, and taking the Fuse will trigger a complete blackout. Backtrack towards the stairs, you can hide under the bed or the closet inside the bedroom with the fuse to dodge [spoilers] until the coast is clear.

Go back to the breaker box and place the Fuse inside and you’ll be able to access the elevator to end the puzzle.

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